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Volans-i Becomes the First Drone Delivery Company to Earn an ARGUS Gold Rating

Today, ARGUS International, Inc. proudly announced its awarding of the ARGUS Gold Unmanned Operator rating to Volans-i, making the organization the first unmanned delivery operation to earn the prestigious aviation rating. The California-headquartered autonomous drone delivery solution serves the commercial, defense, and humanitarian sectors both within the United States and abroad.

The ARGUS Unmanned Audit Standard is the first audit of its kind, developed to provide consumers with unbiased, factual, and relevant data necessary to make informed and confident decisions every time they utilize a service provider. The program assesses the safety of UAS operators while creating a fully-vetted registry of commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems operators to support end-customer sourcing and due-diligence requirements for internal operations and external vendor qualification.

“Volans-i has an incredible model to meet the expanding market for autonomous on-demand drone delivery and it will be fascinating to both watch and support their mission as they grow,” said Joseph Moeggenberg, ARGUS President and CEO. “It is easy to overlook safety in rapidly evolving industries such as this one. Taking an active role in managing risk by participating in the ARGUS Unmanned Rating program and incorporating industry best practices into their growth plans, Volans-i has demonstrated that safety to them is not only a concern but a priority.”

The ARGUS Unmanned Audit Standard established in 2017, was a natural evolution of ARGUS’ nearly twenty-five years of evaluating aviation organizations worldwide. The well-established audit standard in the manned industry today serves thousands of aircraft operators, charter companies, and end-users globally. To attain an ARGUS Unmanned Gold Rating, UAS operators must be a legal entity with applicable insurance, have UAS operational policies, undergo pilot background checks, have aircraft in operation, and undergo an in-depth historical safety analysis.

“We were drawn to ARGUS’s rating system because of their high standards for safety protocols and the accountability a third-party evaluation sets. It is a testament to the hard work of our team and the processes and procedures we have in place to receive this rating,” says Hannan Parvizian, CEO and Co-Founder of Volans-i. “We take a layered approach to safety that starts at the initial design of our UAVs and continues through every aspect of our training programs, operations, and feedback loops. Our work will only be successful if we, and the entire drone delivery industry, commit to achieving the highest standards of safety.”

To learn more about the ARGUS Unmanned Rating Program, please visit, http://argus.aero/argus-unmanned-uas-registry/

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