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Skyward teams up with Unleash live for real-time collaboration

The use of UAV’s in large enterprise has long been about reducing cost, improving efficiencies, and increasing safety. One aspect that has perhaps not received the same limelight, but will undoubtedly become the go-to business case for implementing UAV operations is accelerated decision making.

With a plethora of sophisticated modeling solutions referring to real-time, there is a case for clarification: not all real-time solutions are equal. Capturing footage for later analysis is undoubtedly useful, but the next stage of unlocked value comes from adapting workflows to real-time decision making.

Skyward, a Verizon company understands this clearly with its extensive investment in pushing towards a 5G world of autonomous, connected drones.

The announcement with Unleash live provides Skyward customers, the capability to

  • Make faster decisions with in-flight collaboration
  • Secure video data captured from all UAV missions in one cloud-based location
  • Get more from their data with 2D, 3D, Orthomosaics, and automated inspections with custom A.I. solutions

Operational effectiveness requires a high level of collaboration between the field and office, and the need to bring many experts together for decision making. Existing workflows are cumbersome and expensive; either bringing experts out into the field at great time and resource cost or with video footage captured and later uploaded, analyzed and shared for collaboration.

In many cases, missions are not linear processes, and having experts participate in viewing flights can result in more useful outcomes.

This is where Unleash live’s live streaming capability comes in. A differentiated solution that does not require viewers to have an account — only a connected device (laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet); Connecting to specialist decision-makers back in the office. Send them a calendar invite with the live stream URL, and have them join when ready to view and collaborate.

Furthermore, regulatory frameworks for clearance and data logging have been front of mind as UAV programs have expanded, however there is a clear need for enterprises to take ownership and secure its visual data as program operators tackle the many ways pilots currently store data (google drive, dropbox, SD cards, mobile devices, laptops).

This visual data is extremely valuable beyond mapping, modeling or manual inspection purposes it was first envisaged for — it can also be the training data for A.I. models built to conduct asset inventory, or detect defects.

Skyward and Unleash live have a clear strategy for providing pilots a one-stop-shop designed to get and secure actionable data fast.

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