New AES-256 Encryption Standard, Multispectral RTK Added to eMotion 3.9.0

New AES-256 Encryption Standard, Multispectral RTK Added to eMotion 3.9.0

senseFly is excited to bring you its latest eMotion flight planning software release, version 3.9.0.

This latest version provides overall improvements to users as well as notable security enhancements, including the introduction of Advanced Encryption Standard 256 (AES-256), and MicaSense RedEdge-MX RTK functionality.

Enhanced security

256-bit encryption is a data/file encryption technique that uses the largest, 256-bit key size to encrypt and decrypt data or files, making them practically unbreakable with modern computing power levels.

It is one of the most secure encryption methods used in modern encryption algorithms.

“Operational security is a key pillar of our drone and drone software design,” said Andy McClellan, Product Owner. “With eMotion 3.9.0, not only are we ticking the box for those who consider this a must-have for their daily work, we provide all eBee X users with the additional peace of mind that comes with highly-secure encrypted comms.”

The inclusion of the AES-256 encryption standard allows for safer and more secure eBee X fixed-wing drone operations.

This is done by encrypting or “scrambling” the data signal sent from the eBee X to the ground modem and converts that data into “white noise” and protecting the drone’s telemetry link from detection, snooping and usurpation during operations.

This level of encryption is crucial for sensitive missions that require greater discretion.

The encryption standard also helps to ensure that the drone mission itself isn’t compromised by unwanted third parties, which is vital for missions over government property or sensitive areas.

Multispectral RTK

eMotion 3.9.0 also brings with it new RedEdge-MX RTK functionality. Precision farmers and agronomists can now geotag the imagery captured with their MicaSense RedEdge-MX using an RTK workflow with a Virtual Reference System (VRS) or a base station.

The new support for RTK workflows helps generate the index maps needed for crop analysis with extremely precise geolocation.

This helps with field trials monitoring where consistency is needed flight after flight, pixel per pixel.

Support for multispectral RTK also increases the overall farming efficiency for farmers who have already integrated high precision machinery on their farm.

Have questions about drone data, flight security or precision agriculture? Want to know more about the eBee X’s drone-mapping capabilities? Contact us today.

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