Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) reminds the public, drones prohibited

Bad news for Kenyan operators who have had the rug pulled from under them by their authority. Hopefully, his is just a low bump until regulations are released. Operators thought they had the green light to start.

KCAA helping folks remember that they face a fine of not exceeding one hundred thousand shillings a year in jail, or both if caught.

Tourists you have been warned.

Posted in newspapers in Kenya yesterday.


The Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works through Kenya Gazette Legall Notice no.76 on 26th March 2019, published prohibition to fly and operate Unmanned Aircraft also known as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and popularly known as ‘drones’. This includes the operation of such drones by the public for video coverage, filmmaking, surveillance and any other interference with the Kenya airspace.

Annulment of Previous Regulations on RPAS

The prohibition followed the annulment by Parliament of the Regulations previously published by Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) on 21st March 2018. KCAA has since incorporated the recommendations of Parliament and general public in the proposal draft Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Regulations pending grant of the prerequisite approvals and further promulgation.