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The Commercial Dog and Pony Expo – Who Do I Ask For A Refund Crib Sheet

Those of you lucky enough to be off the Strip in Las Vegas this week will find that you’ll be in the company of most of the alleged under contract and freelance “advocates,” “experts,” “visionaries,” flim-flamers, con-artists, forecasters, grifters, hucksters, and swindlers. The only delegation missing will be AUVSI as they run their own purported #AUVSITOP shelf bunco racket as well as the show for the American people at the behest of the ever-benevolent FAA.

All you have to ask is,

  1. Of those speaking/presenting, do you have a valid Remote Pilot Certificate?
  2. Who here advocated for the repeal of Sec. 336?
  3. When will RID be done?
  4. Why is the Part 107 waiver process so arbitrary?
  5. When will I be able to fly over people?
  6. When will UTM be up and running?
  7. Does the FAA really regulate toys?
  8. Are there any US drone companies heading up the DAC?
  9. Standards, how many NOA’s have the FAA issued?
  10. Is Diversified Communications offering a “for-profit false bill of goods” refund?

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