PRIMOCO UAV tests the latest version of UAV Navigation’s flight control system

PRIMOCO UAV tests the latest version of UAV Navigation’s flight control system

For fixed-wing UAVs operating from traditional runways, the landing manoeuvre is usually the most challenging and critical stage of any flight.
Primoco, a Czech company, has been testing the latest version of UAV Navigation’s Flight Control System (FCS) on its 150kg fixed-wing UAV.

During the tests, Primoco noted a number of improvements, including more efficient and advanced control, and in particular a completely automatic take-off and landing capability without using RTK or DGPS systems.

Primoco UAVs are mid-size Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that meet the complex needs of real-world applications in today’s civilian market. The Primoco UAV is built to be reliable and easy to operate.

It can take off and land in daylight, at night and during poor weather conditions. UAV Navigation, a Spanish developer of advanced flight control solutions for professional UAVs, has been involved in the project from the start. Since 2016, close cooperation between the technical teams has allowed rapid development of the platform from prototype to deliverable product. UAV Navigation follows a strict philosophy of creating long-term partnerships with its clients.

UAV Navigation’s FCS allows standard runway landings without the need to install bulky, expensive extra equipment, such as RTK or DGPS systems. This keeps the cost of the final product down and maximizes available payload. Using just a simple radar or laser altimeter, the autopilot is able to perform high precision landings, even in high cross-wind conditions.

The UAV Navigation autopilot controls the platform completely automatically through all modes of flight, including fully auto take-off and landing.

If you have a platform and need a professional-grade autopilot then do not hesitate to contact UAV Navigation to find out more.