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Farnborough Airport Sold

The British Gliding Association reports the sale and increase of airspace for Farnborough.

It has been announced publicly today that Farnborough Airport has been sold to MacQuarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA).  MIRA owns a majority percentage of AGS, a group that owns a number of airports including Southampton Airport.

The sale follows very closely behind the CAA’s controversial decision to grant large areas of controlled airspace to Farnborough airport.

This development raises serious questions about TAG Farnborough’s motivation to seek controlled airspace.

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Why should we drone types care? Well, Southampton is one of the airfields that is charing a large fee and obstructing PFCO operators. If they continue this policy at Farnborough the and we add in Oxford it makes for quite a chunk of contested airspace to the West of London.

I am just adding this here as a marker, in case we need future reference.

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