Delair provides Ministry of Armies in UAVs Delair UX11

Delair, one of the world’s leading suppliers of mini-drones, announces it has approached several units of the French Army to supply them with Delair UX11 UAVs, systems deployed around the world. in complex industrial environments and in military and civilian security operations.

The first systems were delivered at the end of September. In particular, the Delair UX11 was made available to several Special Forces operational units which, as a springboard for innovations and an operational laboratory, have naturally joined forces with its field evaluation.

Recognized as one of the pioneers of professional drone solutions, Delair designs fixed-wing UAVs, specifically designed for real-time reconnaissance and modeling of large areas and hard-to-access infrastructure.

“Delair UX11 is a simple, efficient and reliable system that is designed for demanding industrial environments that require robustness and precision,” said Bastien Mancini, co-founder and director, “Used by large international groups to maximize operational efficiency. General of Delair.

“We are honored by the confidence given by the Ministry of the Armed Forces, which through its funding for Innovation has accompanied us from the beginning of our industrial adventure, and we are happy to allow it to reap the benefits today. of his investment. With our experience in logistical support and operational support for our military and civilian customers, we will implement our know-how and our resources (ten maintenance centers around the world) to support these new customers in their daily operations.”

DELAIR UX11, the best-performing drone in its class

The UX11 is a simple system to transport, assemble and operate. Its compact shape – 1.1m wingspan and 1.4kg – and its BTOL technology allow a quick take-off and landing in a very small space. It is designed for complex theaters of operation, and very demanding climatic and geographical environments, as comfortable at 50 ° C as at -20 ° C or 6000m altitude. Thanks to the experience acquired by Delair, the UX11 transmits its images in real time, is optimized for out-of-sight flights, and is equipped with the PPK option, for accurate centimeter-based geolocation.

System performance (59-minute flight range, 50-km range, best coverage and best-in-class accuracy at 120m above sea level), combined with a competitive purchase price, make this a recognition tool the most efficient and cost effective visual and modeling tools on the market.

“A long-endurance drone capable of flying 3 times longer than a conventional quadcopter, the UX11 collects a very large amount of data in a minimum of flights, and embeds enough computing power onboard to allow the operator to monitor the quality of the images collected in real-time, thus speeding up the data processing and analysis stages and reducing its overall cost of operation, “ says Bastien Mancini.

Delair designs and markets its own solutions, with industrial control that guarantees the highest level of quality of its devices.