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AVT Australia Completes Phase 2 of the Micro Gimbal

Last month, AVT Australia completed the Technology Demonstration Phase of the Micro Gimbal, which included flight and environmental test demonstrations to personnel in the Department of Defence, Defence Science & Technology Group (DST) and the Australian Army.

AVT Australia demonstrated the EO ultra-zoom capability, LWIR custom core and a range of smart features. Successful completion of Phase 2 of the Micro Gimbal provided insight into the technological development of the imaging system.

AVT Australia has been progressing with Phase 2 of the Micro Gimbal since June 2018 in the Research and Development facility in Melbourne after being awarded the Defence Innovation Hub contract.

Measuring just 102mm in height and 70mm in diameter, the Micro Gimbal is the smallest system made by AVT Australia. Optimised for long-range intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), the Micro Gimbal is fully stabilised with two-axis rotation and incorporates an EO ultra-zoom sensor, a custom thermal core, and advanced onboard video processing.

The compact gimbal weighs as little as 220g for integration into a sub-2kg small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). Chief Technology Officer at AVT Australia, Thomas Loveard, said “We are delighted to have successfully completed the Technology Demonstration Phase of the Micro Gimbal. This revolutionary system is the first-of-its-kind and is the smallest gimbal we have made at AVT Australia. We look forward to progressing with the project to deliver substantial capabilities that will support the Australian Army in their missions.”

AVT Australia specialises in gyro-stabilised imaging systems, fully integrated solutions and innovative software for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), target acquisition, air defence and counter-drone operations for the defence, aerospace and unmanned systems industries. AVT Australia manages regional sales, support, R&D and in-house system development for customers. AVT Australia’s pioneering systems are supporting airborne, ground and maritime missions in over 50 countries.

For more information, please visit, www.ascentvision.com/au

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