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Staff layoffs at Airobotics as many as 200 shown the door


Israeli Drone in a box startup Airobotics who have raised US$108.1 funding over 5 rounds appear to be in a bit of a pickle.

A darling of UAM proponents Airobotics may be a victim of moving too soon. Regulations hamper true rollout of a fully autonomous set and forget system.

I was directed to look at Glass Door, the website where current and former employees anonymously review companies. Until recently the comments were positive, but that changed in the last couple of weeks.

Asking around I discovered that since August 6th, some employees have been receiving telephonic dismissals. 

A handful of staff man the Arizona office which will shut shortly and the entire Australian office was let go. In Israel a core team, principally the founders are left.

It is thought as many 200 staff have been let go.

I have reached out to Airobotics for comment but as we go to press there has been no response.

Drones in a box without operator are very likely to be a big part of our drone future, let us hope Airobotics can remain part of that.

Some comments from Glass Door

Concept has potential but with current senior management this company has no chance

Senior Israeli management team has no understanding of real world business practices. This entire team is made up of individuals without schooling, degrees or real world experience and total disregard for safety and US policies or standards. They have been running around throwing investors money left and right with no target and now they’re about to lay everyone off.

Advice to Management

Find new jobs and let people with real industry knowledge take this concept into the future

– Nothing is permanent. always changing goals/locations/people.

– Can’t rely on management – they will distort the truth in order to look good, but they don’t care about the employees.

Advice to Management

You decided something? stick for it for at least a day…

Captain is knees deep in water with AirPods while crew yells “iceberg!”

1. Management pushed employees to the edge then off the ship

2. Employee compensation was non-existent. Dozens of employees gave up late nights, weekends, sanity and health to keep business running.

3. Coffee machine, bleh.

Advice to Management

Listen to the people, they were hired as professionals with expertise to strengthen the odds of company success.

Coming undone

CEO doesn’t know how to manage, lead or communicate – very deceptive, too.

Closed Australia, laid off most of America – not sure how long it can last without the professionals. Current product is not sustainable or autonomous. Many issues that require an army to get it to work.

Advice to Management

Update your resumes

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