GEOHuntsville and the UAS Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (UAS ISAO) are preparing for the Inaugural Southeast Regional UAS RODEO, a 2 day event designed to give UAS Pilots involved in Public Safety Activities a full-scale training, skill-building, and competitive environment to share their knowledge, skills, and abilities in UAS operations. In addition to the flight opportunity, the RODEO creates opportunities for Industry Partners to showcase the latest information on both new and ongoing UAS technology advances in a unique relaxed and fun environment with their customers.

The RODEO marks GEOHuntsville’s 10th UAS Event in the past 2 1/2 years involving over 980+ participants representing Public Safety UAS interests at the Federal, State, and local levels of government. Our UAS events are
structured to provide timely, critical information regarding UAS uses in public safety which is why our attendance is heavily represented by the first responder audience.

A sample of audience demographics of our most recent event breaks down as follows:
● more than 27 different public safety jurisdictions represented
● 50% Law enforcement
● 25% Fire/Rescue
● 23% Emergency Management Agencies
● 2% Port Security)
The RODEO has been specifically designed out of a critical need for UAS pilots around our region to come together in full scale flight training events — participating with their own aircraft, gaining experience and instructed flight experience needed to match the skills with the specific Public Safety mission requirements.

The RODEO provides a “low barrier of entry” and an excellent opportunity for you to meet face-to-face with dozens of your customers all in one place to better understand and meet their needs in this fast-growing market.

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