Eno is asking, “Is the waiver/exemption experience you had the one you wanted?”

Washington: The Eno Center for Transportation, a non-profit charitable foundation, is asking the UAS industry for data to help them in developing recommendations to improve how UAS systems are integrated into the NAS.

From now until October 18, 2019, Eno is conducting a survey of operators asking them details of their experience applying for waivers under Part 107 and exemptions under Sections 333 or 44807. The survey focuses on how the waiver/exemption process impacts the bottom line of a UAS business, the quality of communication between the FAA and applicant, and how special provisions at the end of the process impact a company’s business model.

Stressing the unique role of the survey, Paul Lewis, Vice President, Policy and Finance, for the Eno Center said, “This survey will quantify the impact of the waiver/exemption process on the industry’s bottom line.

We hope that UAS manufacturers, customers, and pilots will join us in this first of its kind deep look.” Eno’s Aviation Work Group, will include the survey’s findings in a broad set of recommendations to the Congress and Department of Transportation. The survey report will be publicly released free of charge late in the 4th quarter of 2019.

Find the survey here