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Drone Evolution launches new tethering drone system

Drone Evolution launches its new, milspec drone tethering system at DSEI 2019. The system allows any drone/camera combination to fly for six hours at a height of up to 200m, whilst transmitting data securely via a fibre-optic mil-spec cable. The military system is 24V, running off a military vehicle battery, and is controlled via a portable ground station which fits neatly into a 40mm ammo can.

The Dragon Tethered Drone (civil) version of this system has been proven over the past year and interest from the defence establishment has driven the development of the military prototype version. Development work is underway to enable beyond line of sight capability in the future.

Toby Townrow, Communications Director at Drone Evolution, said: “Development of our secure tethering system has been a natural progression for us and the interest we have had, both in UK and
abroad, tells us that there is an urgent need for this equipment as drones are used more in security and defence roles.

“We are delighted to take Drone Evolution to its next level both in business and technology. I am particularly looking forward to a hush-hush development we have been working on and will be announcing during DSEI.”

Drone Evolution

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