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Skysense announcing New high power Outdoor Charging Pad

Automatic Drone Charging In Outdoor Environments

Berlin, Germany, August 9, 2019 — Skysense ​today ​​announce​d​ the launch of ​its long-awaited new High Power Outdoor Charging Pad product line.

After months of testing and the first successful deployments in Norway and Finland, ​Skysense ​today announce​d​ the launch of ​its new High Power Outdoor Charging Pad product line.

​The autonomous charging station has been engineered as a turnkey solution that works out of the box​. It is made of a weatherproof inox steel landing platform and an added payload of only 45 grams.

The system boasts 500W of power at a consistent 92% efficiency making it by the fastest and most lightweight turnkey solution for automatic drone charging on the market.

Skysense Outdoor Charging Pad features a rugged stainless steel conductive platform which has been designed to be permanently installed Outdoors, ensuring functionality in wet and harsh environments.

The company states that its proprietary Wired Charging Technology, charges​​ ​the ​drone ​batteries at the maximum allowed charging rate:

“When a drone land on a wireless charging platform, it is very difficult to predict how long is going to take to recharge since the landing accuracy heavily affects the wireless charging efficiency. Skysense Wired Charging Technology ​is reliable ​and the company decided to be the first company to guarantee charging times of one (1) hour for LiPo batteries up to 10,000mAh.”

For the following three weeks following this announcement, you may take advantage of Skysense’s promotional offering granting 20% discount off all Outdoor Charging Pad product line. If you would like to secure your discount, you may contact Skysense through their website:


About Skysense
Skysense is a Qualcomm Ventures-backed startup building charging stations for NASA, enterprises, and startups, operating autonomous drones in the security, inspections, agriculture, and logistics markets. More information can be found on the company’s website: http://www.skysense.co

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