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Freespace Operations granted CASA Type Rating Approval RePL for Freespace Callisto 50 Multirotor

Freespace Operations Managing Director and Chief Remote Pilot, Ken King, has been granted Type Rating Approval RePL (Remote Pilot License) for the Freespace Callisto 50 Multirotor (rated to 50 kg MTOW) from CASA:

– Remote Pilot License (RePL) – Freespace Callisto 50 Multirotor (MTOW <50kg)

This bolsters the previous held capability of the the following Multirotor categories, Powered Lift (VTOL) & Aeroplane aircraft licenses:

– Remote Pilot License (RePL) – eirobotix Titan 40 Multirotor (MTOW <40kg)

– Remote Pilot License (RePL) – Multirotor up to 150 kg (Type Rated)

– Remote Pilot License (RePL) – Powered Lift <7 kg 

– Remote Pilot License (RePL) – Aeroplane <7 kg 

Upgraded ReOC (Remote Operators Certificate) for these new Type Rating Approval categories has been granted to partner company eirobotix Pty. Ltd. utilised by Freespace Operations.

Freespace Operations

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