Asia’s First Global Drone Conference & Hackathon 2019 to be held in Malaysia

Best Events Productions, a brand experience agency specializing in designing immersive experiences announced the launch of the Global Drone Conference and Hackathon happening on 21st and 22nd October 2019.

This event serves as a prelude to the International Space and Defence Expo (ISDEX2020) that will take place in Langkawi in July 2020.

The Global Drone Conference (GDC2019) is an annual international
conference for businesses and government agencies to explore strategies for the efficient use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). Key figures from the fields of politics, law-making, academia, industry and business come together to discuss the way forward for achieving acceptance and devising solutions for the safe and effective commercial use of unmanned aircraft in Asia.

The event will focus on the real-world differences the technology can make

We often read about possible great things that technology can do but what does all of that mean to farmers who are looking to increase their yields today? What about the aerospace workers that want to use drones to assess all of the things that are or are not being done on their aircraft right now? What about the city government officials who want to use drones to inspect bridges and tall buildings that are in danger of falling apart in the near future? We need practical applications that are happening throughout a number of industries, and GDC2019 aims to bring all of that together at a single event.

With top-notch education and an enclosed exhibit floor filled with the highest precision UAV technology, the Global Drone Conference is the best choice for professionals who need to keep up-to-date on commercial UAV technology, trends and developments.

The two-day Drone Conference will cover topics which include “Drones in the Building and Agriculture industries”, “Challenges and Innovations in Protecting Airports From the Threat of sUAS” and a Panel Forum discussing the “Development of More Effective Legislative And Regulatory Frameworks To Improve Wider Counter Drone Defence” among other exciting topics shared by both local and international speakers and authoritative figures.

To encourage students and the general public to understand the capability of drones and its possible misuse, a drone hackathon has been created to harness talent especially when it comes to countering drones. Commercial easy-to-buy and small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) have become omnipresent, and the potential risk they pose to performers ranging from lone-wolf terrorists to state-sponsored agents is growing daily.

The two-day hackathon will see teams explore non-traditional, innovative methods to counter sUAS. Winning teams will receive the opportunity for funding to further, develop or demonstrate their solution.

To be part of or attend the Global Drone Conference and Hackathon 2019, kindly visit or email
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