AerdiA streamlining operations with Dronecloud

AerdiA streamlining operations with Dronecloud

Prior to introducing Dronecloud™ into the company, AerdiA and their employees were using between three to four different software systems to conduct business from start to finish. By introducing Dronecloud™ not only did the moral of the employees increase tenfold, but the real benefit was to their clients. “Now our clients have a single point of entry to their projects from start to finish.”

“We used to start via email speaking with the client about their projects, which would generally entail between three to ten emails back and forth. Then we would request a KML/KMZ of their project, that in turn would go into Google Earth. Once we knew their intentions, we went into Quickbooks and prepared the quote details. Once we had the pricing, we would go into a package called Dubsado. Dubsado is made for services business such as web designers or photographers. While not 100% perfect, at the time it was the closest option available and we made it work. Within Dubsado we created our proposals and that would go out to the client. Then the client would walk through the various steps of approval and the project would move forward.

All the above complicated our interactions with our clients and internal team. Given that we are a smaller firm, every minute counts when trying to provide incredible customer service and complete projects in the most efficient way possible. Now with Dronecloud™ our clients have a single point to request, approve, track, pay, and download their deliverables. By using Dronecloud™, we have streamlined our communications, provided an area that the client can interact on their timeline, and kept every penny of revenue due to being resourceful.”

After having been part of the beta program, we are really impressed by the speed of development of the software and the roadmap for Dronecloud™ is looking right on the money.

AerdiA was created and built on the love of technology. Both owners come from varied business backgrounds and knew that involvement in the drone industry was a wise business move.

Since 2016, AerdiA has been focused only on those services that aid the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. Through aerial LiDAR, thermal data collection, digital mapping, photos, videos and more, AerdiA has been able to provide valuable services that keep budgets in line, safety issues in check and the business pipeline growing.