THEA 160 Ag Hexacopter

THEA 160 is a battery-powered agriculture hexacopter, compared with the THEA 130, the pesticide tank capacity and spray width of THEA 160 have been greatly improved to meet the operational needs of users in different industries. THEA 160 pesticide tank is 16L, the spray width is 5-7 meters, the operation efficiency of THEA 160 is about 1.82-3.3acre per flight.

(Note: The working efficiency in one hour may be different due to the different proficiency of operators and the different distribution speed of pesticide on the ground.)

THEA 160 adopts the Cutting-edge industry materials, features high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and longer service life; the fold-able design makes it convenient for transportation; supports expansion function like mist sprayer, seeding module etc. The THEA 160 is equipped with a microwave fixed-height radar, which can realize terrain following function, and can be applied in variety of environments and terrains, like fields, crops, forests and orchards etc. In addition, THEA 160 agriculture sprayer can achieve full-autonomous flight, AB point flight, Continue to fly at breakpoints and other functions.

Multiple Configurations-Meet the complex farmland environment operation requirements

In the actual plant protection operation, every sprayer operator will encounter problems like the irregular shape of the field, the terrain is uneven, there are obstacles in the field or the take-off and landing area is not suitable, etc. The THEA 160 can display real-time data to monitor the flight status and ensure a safe flight. Thea 160 can also provide terrain following and autonomous obstacle avoidance functions to ensure the safety of the drone. In addition, the THEA 160 also retains a variety of manual modes, which allows the pilot to switch at any time during the operation to adapt to complex operating environments.

Radar, FPV camera and searchlight- Safer and more autonomous operation

THEA 160 is equipped with a millimeter-wave obstacle-avoidance radar, when performing autonomous flight, the radar can detect the obstacles in front and automatically stop at a set distance to ensure safe operation.

In addition, the THEA 160 is also equipped with an FPV camera and a searchlight. The FPV camera can transmit the image in front of the drone to the remote controller in real time. When the THEA 160 is stopped due to the obstacle, it can be remoted to avoid the obstacle referring to the image and the staff doesn’t need to go to the scene, and the searchlight can be used for illumination in low light situations, that makes the operation more safe.

Good penetration, Efficient operation

THEA 160 has a simple structure, small volume, and low consumption, uniform, and stable in the wind field. It is good to spray pesticides on the surface of the whole crop to better exert its effects! The down-wind-pressure field is uniform, stable and penetrable, which can spray the pesticide to the crop surface and display a better pesticide effect.

Classical Series , Full-featured

THEA 160 and THEA 130 are two important products of the THEA series agriculture sprayers. Both of them fully consider the actual operation requirements in terms of functions, and maintain the same pace to meet the increasingly diverse operational needs of the industry users:

1. Support “GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou satellite navigation System” to improve flight reliability.

2. Real-time monitor the battery capacity, support low-voltage voice alarm

3. Real-time monitor the amount of pesticides. When there is no pesticide in the tank, the ground station supports voice alarm.

4. Microwave fixed-height radar, support terrain following flight

5.Android mobile phone ground station, easy to use

6.PC ground station, full voice broadcast

7. Real-time data display, monitor the flight status

8. Support route planning, automatic flight operation

9. Support AB point flight

10. Support one-button take-off and landing, greatly improve the safety

11. Provide high pressure ceramic nozzle, adjustable spray speed and even spraying

12. Support breakpoints and continue spraying, support automatic return while without pesticides or at low voltage.

13. Support irregular land planning

14. Support set obstacle points, plan routes to avoid obstacle areas

15. Support setting alternate landing sites to facilitate large-scale land operations

16. Support mist sprayer, seeding module, multi-purpose drone, controllable cost, and low investment.

THEA 130 and THEA 160 Agriculture Sprayer are now released! The pesticide tank is 10L and 16L respectively. The maximum working efficiency per flight is15 mu and 20 mu respectively, and the functions of autonomous flight, fixed height and imitating flight are carried out. Both of them fully consider the needs of the actual operation, can meet the

complex farmland environment operation requirements. Welcome plant protection users to consult and buy! Welcome to consult and purchase!

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THEA 160