Australian Unmanned Systems Industry Champions

AAUS is proud to be hosting an Industry Awards night to recognise individuals and organisations that have made a significant contribution to the Australian unmanned systems industry.

Over 120 nominations were received for the 5 award categories. 

Team Rubicon Australia (TRA) is a volunteer disaster response organisation, uniting the experience and skills of military veterans with first responders to assist communities impacted by natural disasters. 

In May 2018 TRA established a Remotely Piloted Air Systems (RPAS) program, to benefit both communities impacted by natural disasters and Australian military veterans.

The humanitarian objectives of the program are twofold; firstly, to provide RPAS gathered data that enables communities, disaster management agencies and individuals to respond to and recover from natural disasters. And secondly, to support and train veterans, many of whom have struggled to adjust to life after leaving the military and who continue to suffer as a result of their experiences during their time in service.

By providing them with a skill set which they can then use to benefit others, the TRA RPAS program has given them a greater sense of purpose, harnessing their skills and experience to help those in time of great need. 

The entire team volunteers their time, be it for training or operations, often taking weeks off work, away from home and family, to assist wherever possible. 

Over the past twelve months, the TRA RPAS program has trained 12 veterans and deployed them on four operations, undertaking over 200 operational flights and capturing 12,000 post-disaster images in Indonesia and Australia, gathering actionable data across a range of events, including earthquake, tsunami, flood, bushfire, and drought.

Team Rubicon Australia

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