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Get the full solution with Altum & Agisoft Metashape

For the month of July only, we are offering a 6-month Agisoft Metashape license with the first 100 Altum purchases!

Enjoy high-quality data and advanced processing for only the purchase price of Altum.

  • Easily capture and process thermal and multispectral imagery
  • Generate calibrated and geo-referenced outputs ready for advanced analytics
  • Process on your desktop or in the cloud. Choose the option that’s best for you!


Enter this promo code at checkout to unlock the deal.

* The Agisoft Metashape License is activated by the customer and not at the time of purchase.

* Offer valid until July 31st at midnight; while stock lasts.BUY NOW

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The power of layers

Altum integrates a radiometric thermal camera with five high-resolution narrow bands, producing advanced thermal, multispectral and high-resolution imagery in one flight for advanced analytics in agriculture.LEARN MORE ABOUT ALTUM

RGB of a lettuce field

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