ConserWater Announces MoistureFocus, NitrumFocus and PhosphoFocus AI to bring Sensor-Free Soil Moisture, Nitrogen and Phosphorous Levels to All Farmers

Artificial Intelligence is disrupting all industries. However, technology revolution in AgTech has always lagged other industries. Artificial
Intelligence (AI) is poised to dramatically shift world agriculture by finally making it possible for every farmer to use leading edge technologies and be part of the revolution.

ConserWater Technologies is headquartered in California, USA, and is the company behind ConserWater, an AI tool that farmers use to grow more healthy crops with fewer resources in a cost-effective and scalable manner. ConserWater uses satellites, weather, topography and other real-time data to determine farm-specific information to the resolution of having a sensor every 30 feet (10 meters), but without any sensor installations required.

Today, ConserWater announces MoistureFocus, NitrumFocus and PhosphoFocus, a suite of novel AI-based technologies that report soil moisture, nitrogen and phosphorous levels available to crops on a regular basis and to a 30 feet resolution. This is available for farmers and growers across the globe without any sensor installations or lab tests.

Water is one of the most important resources for crops and soil moisture sensors, which can cost anywhere from $100s to $1000s per unit, are often heralded as the best way for farmers to save 30% or more on water use. Today, MoistureFocus cost-effectively provides soil moisture levels on
a daily basis, providing farmers with the information they need to irrigate efficiently and maximize their yields for the least water. It has been shown to be a reliable replacement for soil moisture sensors by on-farm trials with high-quality third-party sensors in multiple countries.

Similarly, phosphorous and nitrogen are very important nutrients for crops, and are the main components of most fertilizers. Advanced farmers typically send periodical soil or leaf samples to labs to test for these nutrients levels, and to inform whether they are fertilizing efficiently. Today, NitrumFocus and PhosphoFocus provide this information on a weekly basis, making it possible for all farmers to quickly learn their nutrient levels regularly. This can enable farmers to boost their yields by 20% or more, by ensuring that all of their crops have sufficient access to nutrients.

Together, MoistureFocus, NitrumFocus and PhosphoFocus have the propensity to significantly reduce water and fertilizer costs for farmers worldwide. For example, a typical farmer in central California, USA, is able to save $200+ per acre, every year by using this suite of tools. “MoistureFocus, NitrumFocus and PhosphoFocus have the potential to bring precision agriculture to all farmers”, said Aadith Moorthy, the founder and CEO of ConserWater Technologies. “Best of all, farmers only need to provide ConserWater with the boundaries of their farm! All of ConserWater’s insights load automatically with just this information, like a sensor would, but without the hassles of installation and maintenance!”

About ConserWater Technologies:

We, at ConserWater Technologies, aim to enable efficient farming worldwide, with AI. We are a diverse team of AI-experts and entrepreneurs dedicated to solving the age- old issue of efficient farming. This issue has been exacerbated by anthropogenic climate change, and it is more important than ever for us to optimize our water and fertilizer use.

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