Ag Drone Mapping With MicaSense Podcast

In this compelling episode, our guests are Drew Baustian, Business Development Manager at MicaSense and Greg Crutsinger, from Scholar Farms. We get down to business tracing the lineage of the humble FARM DRONE.

From the beginnings of RGB photography and stitching to squinting the capture hoping to glean whatever information you could.

It took a trained eye to get useable information after the first flight, but things are changing, and the promised drone is starting to come into focus. Our guests are both trained in Ag and Ecology and know their stuff when it comes to agronomy.

Precision agriculture is moving forward, and with the help of more robust sensors and software, so are the drones.

MicaSense produces some high-res RGB, multispectral, and thermal all-in-one sensors like the Altum or RedEdge-MX. Coupling the imagery data with software like Atlas Flight or products from other developers like DJI Ground Station DroneDeploy, Pix4D Capture, PrecisionHawk, etc. to help us reach the ultimate goal of lessening farm inputs while maximizing the outputs.

We’ve come a long way in what we can discern with low altitude remote sensing. New sensors allow us to collect different types of data and act preemptively instead of reacting after the damage has already been done.

Exciting advancements in machine learning and precision agriculture are coming together, and that means you can deliver better data. Give the podcast a listen to hear about some of these advancements.

Ag Drone Mapping With MicaSense

We cover a lot of subject matter and different examples of how the workflows and data collection process for the drone, sensors, and software can benefit the world’s oldest profession.

Scholar Farms