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BAAM Tech Elipse

BAAM Tech has released its new VTOL Fixed Wing starting at only $4000, the Elipse. The system has options for a 36mp, or 24mp RGB camera for mapping, the Altum from Micasense, or the Sequoia multispectral, or Flir Vue Pro R. Add these with the combination of the high quality BAAM Tech PPK system, and the Elipse is a true professional grade VTOL fixed wing at a fraction of the price.


The Elipse VTOL Fixed Wing offers long flight times up to 80 minutes, and a reliable small area vertical takeoff and landing system. The system is setup for two batteries one for takeoff and landing and one for fixed wing flight. This provides a very reliable system where you do not need to worry about
depleting the flight pack and not being able to land like single battery systems.

The system comes with a long 2 mile radio system that connects wirelessly to an android phone or computer for flight planning. Much like the DJI product line the phone mounts directly to the radio making single operator flights easy. It also has an option for an upgradable radio relay to 5 miles.

Find out more here: https://baam.tech/fixed-wings/elipse-vtol-ppk

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