Teledyne Optech CL-90

Teledyne Optech CL-90

Teledyne Optech is poised to make an impact in the UAV marketplace with its initial offering of UAV lidar sensors. Infused with innovation synonymous with the Teledyne Optech brand, users will benefit from sought after airborne lidar features now available for drone integration.

This initial release marks the beginning of a dynamic journey into the UAV industry for Teledyne Optech with an upcoming suite of products to address every type of UAV lidar need with proven technology and quality data.


  • Exceptional canopy penetration capability for maximizing ground detection
  • Superior shot-to-shot precision for the lowest-noise, survey-grade data quality
  • A unique programmable FOV for maximum point density and small object resolution in tight tolerance applications
  • Best-in-class range performance for maximum productivity when operating at UAV altitude ceilings

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