Statement from Extinction Rebellion on Heathrow Pause

Extinction Rebellion demands the Government begins to act on its declaration of a Climate and Environment Emergency by cancelling all Heathrow expansion. On June 18, we plan to carry out nonviolent direct action to ensure Heathrow Authorities close the airport for the day, to create a “pause” in recognition of the genocidal impact of high carbon activities, such as flying, upon the natural world. If the Government does not cancel all Heathrow expansion, Extinction Rebellion will act to shut the airport down for up to 10 days from July 1.

Extinction Rebellion is in the consultancy stage with its members on the proposed action. This is not about targeting the public, but holding the Government to their duty to take leadership on the climate and ecological emergency. The addition of the planned third runway would make Heathrow the single biggest carbon emitter in the UK; to expand the airport at this critical point in history would be madness.

We understand the action will cause disruption to a great number of holidaymakers, however, we believe that it is necessary given the prospect of far greater disruption caused by ecological and societal collapse if we don’t act now. Holidaymakers are being given advance notice to change travel plans.

Email: [email protected]

(I have a hat in the ring on this one, my eldest son is due back from the UK to see his dear old dad in this time slot, so don’t let me down CUAS)

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