Phase One Industrial Introduces Three High-Performance Lenses for High-Altitude Aerial Photography and Long-Range Aerial and Ground Inspection

Phase One Industrial today expanded its RS and RSM lens offering with three new high performance lenses for high-altitude aerial photography and long-range aerial and ground inspection applications. The 300mm AF, 180mm, and 150mm MK II lenses are designed to enhance the performance and flexibility of Phase One Industrial’s iXM-RS and iXM aerial camera series. Each offers precision imagery, taking advantage of the cameras’ ultra-high resolution backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensors, to maintain a smaller ground sample distance (GSD) while flying at higher altitudes.

Phase One RSM 300mmAF. With the longest focal length in the line-up, this lens offers a 5cm GSD from 13,000ft. It fits both iXM and iXM-RS camera models and produces superb image quality by enhancing the cameras’ ultra-high resolution BSI CMOS sensors (3.76µm pixels). The lens is ideal for both high-altitude 2D and 3D mapping and long-range ground inspection. The motorized lens offers a focus range of 10m to infinity within which a predefined distance can be set remotely.  A self-locking mechanism is built in to secure the focus position against vibrations.

  • 5cm GSD from 13,000ft.
  • 10m to infinity focusing range
  • f/8 – f/32 aperture range
  • 1/2000sec exposure time
  • RS Shutter reliability – 500,000 actuations 

Rodenstock RS 180mm. Specified by Phase One andbuilt by Rodenstock Photo Optics, Germany, this lens reaches a 5cm GSD from 8,000ft. when used with the iXM-RS150F camera. The lens supports the camera’s ultra-high resolution BSI sensor for greater image quality and is integrated with a Phase One RS reliance shutter for speed and reliability. The RS 180mm enhances high-altitude aerial 2D and 3D mapping and improves efficiency in oblique configurations.

  • 5cm GSD from 8,000ft.
  • f/6.3 – f/22 aperture range
  • 1/2000sec exposure time
  • RS Shutter reliability – 500,000 actuations  

Phase One RS 150mmMKII. A 5cm GSD from 6,500ft. is achievable with the RS 150mmMKII lens. It complements the iXM-RS150F camera’s ultra-high 150-megapixel resolution BSI CMOS sensor for acquiring quality images for high-altitude aerial 2D and 3D mapping.

  • 5cm GSD from 6,500ft.
  • f/5.6 – f/22 aperture range
  • 1/2500sec exposure time
  • RS Shutter reliability – 500,000 actuations  

Every Phase One Industrial lens is rigidly built for robustness against vibrations and shocks to meet RTCA DO160G standards, and is individually tested for performance and high-modulation across the whole image area.

Pricing and Availability

The Phase One RS 150mmMKII is available to order from May 2019.  The RSM 300mmAF and RS 180mm lenses are available for pre-ordering and will begin shipping in September 2019.

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