Orbit Communication Systems MPT 87 Airborne Terminal

Orbit Communication Systems MPT 87 Airborne Terminal

Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI), a leading global provider of tracking airborne and maritime terminals and compact ground stations, announced today at the Satellite 2019 Conference and Exhibition its new MPT 87 Airborne Terminal.

This advanced, MIL-STD qualified terminal initially features a high gain 87cm (34”) hybrid Ku-band antenna, with a Ka-band configuration in development. It will operate across the full Ku band and can be easily switched in real time between different operators and satellites.

The MPT 87 is the latest addition to the innovative MPT terminal family and is planned for initial service operation later this year. Like all other MPT versions, the MPT 87 will be delivered fully integrated with RF and control electronics, and associated software. The lightweight, small-footprint terminal couples high performance and Orbit’s industry-leading reliability. The MPT modular approach facilitates its adaptation to different aircraft and platforms, allowing it to address new opportunities and help grow emerging aeronautical communications markets.

“Following our recent announcements of new maritime and airborne satcom terminals, developed in coordination with two of the largest satellite operators (SES and Inmarsat), this high-speed terminal fulfills key requirements for one of our leading defense segment customers,” noted Ben Weinberger, Orbit’s CEO. “The underlying MPT architecture and engineering has allowed us to again expand and tailor our airborne terminal family in a timely and cost-effective manner.”

About Orbit’s Airborne Terminals

With over 1,600 terminals delivered, Orbit offers a range of versatile and highly reliable airborne satellite communications systems. The AirTRx and MPT series offer a choice of multiple antenna sizes, frequency bands and profiles, and are operational on a wide range of airborne platforms such as commercial airliners, business jets, military aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. The systems are offered in Ku, Ka and X-band and provide outstanding RF, tracking and inter-satellite transition performance in harsh operating environments. They are modular, ready for installation, and simple to operate and maintain. Drawing on long cooperation with leading aircraft manufacturers, including Boeing, Airbus, and Gulfstream, Orbit airborne systems meet stringent size, weight, power and environmental requirements. Orbit delivers tested, certified and reliable terminals, ready for service.