India – Co-Creating Sustainable Futures with Drones and AI

The best people to understand a sustainable development challenge are the people facing them and working hands-on in the community to resolve them. Hearing them out, understanding their context and designing solutions according to the lives we are impacting is the first step towards solving these challenges. And if the challenges are concerning India, they are bound to be as diverse and complex as the country itself. Technologies are effective only when they are applied where they are needed the most. With India touching great heights in developing innovations such as drones and data sciences, we need to understand from the stakeholders, what is the best way to integrate these technologies into their sphere of work.

Drones when coupled with Artificial Intelligence, particularly Machine Learning for augmented analysis of imagery data acquired using drones – aerial, terrestrial as well aquatic, have proven time and again as very effective tools that can drive actionable insights needed for the development work. Payload drones with advanced controls and capacities are awaiting their full utilisation in healthcare, disaster management and humanitarian sectors.

We are aiming to apply these technologies for social good and help out India and the neighbouring countries in our region take the next leap in advancement of technological applications.


 We at India Flying Labs and WeRobotics are happy to announce our workshop on ‘Co-creating Sustainable Futures with Drones and AI’ to be held at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi on May 16-17 2019.

This workshop is part of a series of Multi-stakeholder Consultative Meetings hosted by India Flying Labs in order to encourage discussion and dialogues among key stakeholders to understand each other’s needs, identify gaps, brainstorm solutions and conceive actionable ideas. As a non-profit, open, collaborative network of social innovators keen on applying technology for social good, we are hoping to enable the basic groundwork needed for cooperative integrated development.

This unique workshop aims to bring together thought leaders from Sustainable Agriculture, Nature Conservation, Healthcare, Disaster Management, Sustainable Development and Youth Empowerment. Together, we will participate in an open discussion aiming at co-creating an ecosystem for using innovations such as drones and AI to solve some of the complex social challenges of our times.

So, if you are tackling a complex social problem and are keen on engaging with technology in the 4th Industrial Revolution, we invite you to  participate in this Co-creation Workshop.

Goals of the Workshop

  • Identify concrete needs in the social good sector (Sustainable Agriculture, Nature Conservation, Healthcare, Disaster Management, Sustainable Development and Youth Empowerment) in relation to the data and innovative solutions that can be provided by drones and AI for augmented analysis
  • Qualify and prioritize the identified needs
  • Identify and qualify challenges faced for drones

Participant Profile:

  • Representatives of NGOs and other organisations actively engaged with Agriculture – especially for small-holder farms, Nature Conservation, Healthcare, Disaster Management, Sustainable Development and Youth Empowerment that use drones or are planning to include drones and data for your projects.
  • Representatives from Think Tanks, Facilitators of Research and Development, and Social Innovators
  • Representatives from Government-led Institutions, Departments and Services, Central/ State/ Local Governments, Government-led Innovation and Incubation cells and Government-supported Research bodies
  • Social Entrepreneurs interested in creating services that use drones
  • Universities and Academic institutions engaged in education and research on development of drones and drone-based applications

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