Dr. Greg Crutsinger is the Winner of the 2019 sUAS News Industry Leader Award

Dr. Greg Crutsinger of Scholar Farms is recognized for his groundbreaking process development work. Data is the commodity, and how it is collected, processed, and disseminated is what really matters moving forward. We understand well that regulatory grade data is where the real value is, and that data should be collected employing a repeatable process.

Some examples of his cutting edge work on the Tubbs, Carr, and Camp Fires:

Santa Rosa Coffey Park (Tubbs fire)

Before/after 2D swipe map (ESRI)

Redding and Shasta County (Carr Fire)

2D Before and After Swipe map Carr Fire (ESRI)

Paradise and Butte County (Camp Fire)

2D Drone Deploy Map 

360 Panoramas via Mapbox

Georeferenced video of all major streets

It’s not all post-disaster; he also uses scientific methods to help farmers conjure up useable data sets to help make dollars and sense of what is going on down at the farm. Congratulations for raising the bar!