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ARPAS-UK have put together a feedback form for people who have experiences requesting permission to fly in aerodrome FRZs. We are looking to capture both GOOD and BAD experiences and would appreciate your help. There are 3 main reasons for this form:

1) We plan to publish a league table of the best and the worst aerodromes for drone integration in the UK. We believe that this will improve best practice and encourage better drone integration efforts.

2) So the ARPAS committee can equip itself with knowledge for our upcoming meetings with the regulators, so they have direct feedback from operators as to the impact of the new aerodrome restrictions.

3) To help inform operators as to which aerodromes obtaining permission might be difficult, or where a fee is being asked for. This should help you with planning your work.

If you have some experiences to share, please spend 3 minutes filling this out as it will help us to help you. Also please share with friends and colleagues.

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