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Skyfront – UAV Engineers, Pilots and Technicians

Skyfront’s business is growing rapidly and we are looking for talented engineers, pilots and technicians to help build, design and test mission-critical UAVs and create entirely new products.

About Skyfront

Silicon Valley-based Skyfront (www.skyfront.com) is a world-leading provider of long endurance hybrid-electric multirotor drone systems. Skyfront’s flagship product is the Perimeter UAV, which flies for up to 5 hours and can travel up to 240 km. The company utilizes its patented hybrid-electric technology together with state of the art sensors, software and communications links to build drone solutions that are capable of operating safely during missions far beyond line of sight of the pilot.

Skyfront’s mission is to fully automate and reduce the costs of aerial data collection tasks which have been traditionally performed by manned helicopters. Examples of exciting ongoing projects include:

  • Powerline and pipeline inspections
  • Surveillance
  • Maritime and remote cargo deliveries

Our Culture:

  • Extreme focus on safety and precision
  • Friendly, fast paced, unstructured and dynamic
  • All teammates are driven, self-motivated and enjoy the excitement of startup environments

What We Offer:

  • Experience with developing cutting-edge UAV technology
  • The ability to see your work in the hands of live customers
  • A meritocratic work environment with lots of room for career advancement
  • Competitive salary and equity based compensation

Available Roles:

UAV Technician

  • Manufacture and assemble UAVs
  • Manufacture wire harnesses, solder electrical assemblies, build generators
  • Develop standard procedures and safe testing plans
  • Identify and troubleshoot drone hardware and software problems
  • Requirement: 2+ years experience assembling electromechanical devices
  • Requirement: RC build experience with: radios, PWM/PPM control, servos, ESCs
  • Requirement: Experience with wire harness creation, connectors, soldering, drill press, etc.
  • Requirement: Meticulous and precise.

UAV Test Pilot

  • Flight test and troubleshoot hybrid electric multirotors
  • Perform world-record endurance flights
  • Test gimbals, LiDARs and exotic UAV sensors
  • Train customers, sometimes on-location
  • Requirement: 1+ years of RC or commercial drone pilot experience
  • Requirement: Safety conscious
  • Requirement: FAA Part 107 certified

Senior UAV Mechanical Engineer

  • Design and prototype radically new lightweight UAV designs and payloads from carbon fiber and aluminum materials
  • Design, test and optimize hybrid power systems
  • Optimize existing designs for weight and efficiency
  • Requirement: B.S., M.S., or equivalent in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering
  • Requirement: 3+ years of UAV fabrication and build experience, 4+ years of SolidWorks
  • Requirement: Excellent understanding of multirotor operation, engines, power, lift, and basic aerodynamics
  • Requirement: Excellent understanding of basic drone components such as GPS, range-finders, radios and antennas

If you are interested, please email [email protected]. We’d love to meet you!

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