MMC Griflion M8

MMCUAV Griflion M8 is a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) fixed-wing UAV with the V-shape tail that made of composite material. Griflion M8 is capable of long-distance cruise flying, features long duration time, fast cruising speed, and high working efficiency, etc. Griflion M8 is compatible with the orthographic camera, the oblique camera, and electro-optical pod to run a high precision surveying, mapping or patrol mission.

One-key to automatically vertical takeoff and landing in the multi-rotor mode makes the UAV available for different takeoff sites as it switches to fixed wing mode automatically after takeoff.

Its UAV body is made of carbon fiber and composite material to make sure the structure solid yet body weight lightest.

Support RTK precision takeoff and landing and PPK mode.

VTOL and horizontal fly are using a different pair of batteries to expand the maximum flight distance to 200 km in order to avoid the risk of limited flight time and low battery in VTOL mode and empowers the UAV enough flight time to perform a task.

Compatible with different payloads, such as the orthographic camera, the oblique camera, and the zoom camera, in order to meet different applications.


Flight time :150min

Max. Altitude AMSL : 5000m

Positioning system :RTK+PPK Max.

Wind resistance :Level 6

IP level : IP56 Positioning accuracy :1cm±1ppm

Net weight :5.5kg

Others Auto takeoff and landing, autopilot, the black box function

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