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Lidar Enables Safe and Precise Mapping in Hazardous Environments

Mapping in environments, such as mines and densely-vegetated, remote outdoor locations, can be hazardous to workers and equipment. Lidar is proving to be a valuable addition to unmanned aerial and road-based autonomous vehicles for collecting geospatial data in these environments.

That was the focus of a story by Andy Extance in Electro Optics called “Optical sensor drones fly into danger.” The article includes expert comments from Frank Bertini, Velodyne’s unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and robotics business manager.

In the article, Bertini discussed how Velodyne continues to enhance its lidar sensors for mobile mapping systems, saying:

“While Velodyne has used commercially off-the-shelf components in the past, we are currently implementing our custom-designed application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), which will increase performance, reduce cost, and reduce the physical size of the sensor. With the introduction of Velodyne’s patented ASICs, we will be able to build a multitude of smaller form factors.”

Technology advances and volume manufacturing will keep lidar as a go-to technology for unmanned aerial and road-based vehicles that help companies safely survey hazardous environments.The complete interview can be read HEREFor a PDF version of the article, click here
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