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What’s the Low-Down on DroneUp’s Strategy?

There is a crowded field of drones as service apps out there (I had to leave out the “a” as I didn’t want anyone coming after me for TM infringement), but what’s the difference? The feedback I’m getting from professionals in various fields trying drones is that most of these “service providers” the apps represent are returning disappointing results. How do you know if the person matched for the desired service knows what they are doing?

Sure, everyone’s drone service app has weather, insurance, LAANC, geofencing, and is touted as an all-around, end-to-end commercial drone solution. So, what does DroneUp do that is different? Well, for starters they have an algorithm that selects pilots not only on their geographic locations, but waivers, experience, and certification. Golly, the right person for the job (qualified) is what I like to call disruption!

There are a whole bunch of features and encrypted goodies on the way. The encryption isn’t only for folks who don’t want to share their secret sauce (i.e. commodity) with competitors and/or foreign third parties. We hear people talk about actionable intelligence, but this is dynamic resource allocation in response to a changing mission set or workload. Equipment, people, and technology issues can change, and you’ll still be able to overcome and adapt in the field—sure beats downtime, drive time, and callbacks.    

They’ve shared one thing the other apps don’t have, and that is a pending (wording) patent covering what I will call “dream app” features. If this comes through, a lot of the other apps are in for a serious makeover, while others may just have to fold up the circus tent altogether. That extends beyond just drones and may spell trouble for folks in other fields. I am not at liberty to discuss too much, as I did not want to sign the NDA. Not because of any perceived doubts, but just because I’ve heard a lot of different ideas over almost the last 20 years and I’d like to avoid potential hassles with overlap.

Beyond that, CEO Tom Walker is a straight shooter and a guy who wants to do things the right way to help build a reliable, credible, and sustainable industry. The veteran-owned small business thing is just a kicker. I signed up (callsign Blowtorch), and maybe you should check them out @ www.droneup.com.

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