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Vertical Technologies launches the DeltaQuad Pro #INSPECT for Utilities, Wildlife and Disaster Inspection

To meet the growing demand for dedicated solutions in a wide range of drone enabled inspection tasks, Vertical Technologies have expanded their autonomous DeltaQuad Pro VTOL range with the DeltaQuad Pro #INSPECT.

The DeltaQuad Pro #INSPECT exceeds all the specifications required for actionable inspection flights and is available with a downward facing camera sensor that records video with embedded GPS coordinates. The vehicle is designed to accommodate the Flir Duo Pro R Dual Thermal & RGB sensor, or the MapIR Survey3 RGB sensor.

The DeltaQuad Pro #INSPECT can cover up to 150KM in a single flight, has been equipped for fully autonomous flight along a planned path and is easy to control. It  can be used for a wide range of inspection tasks including;

✔ Powerline inspection

✔ Pipeline monitoring

✔ Vegetation control

✔ Wildlife monitoring

✔ Disaster area reconnaissance

✔ Rail & Road monitoring

As a member of the DeltaQuad family the DeltaQuad Pro #INSPECT provides all the features that make the DeltaQuad series among the most versatile and easy to use commercial VTOL UAVs on the market.

Vertical Technologies is a Netherlands based manufacturer of commercial grade VTOL drones for Surveillance, Transport, Mapping and Inspection. For more information please visit www.deltaquad.com.

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