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Unmanned Systems Canada Student UAS Competition Phase 1 Winners

Unmanned Systems Canada conducts a student UAS competition, open to teams from colleges and universities across Canada. The competition is conducted in two phases: Phase 1 requires completion of a Design Paper specifying how the student team will comply with the requirements of the scenario, this year involving the remote inspection of a solar farm and
identification of damaged panels; in Phase 2 the teams have to actually fly the mission, this year to be done in Alma QC the first week of May.

Sixteen teams presented Design Papers in January, which detail the proposed UAS design, selection of options, task methodologies, risk assessment and testing, and project management aspects. A team of seven judges representing a cross-section of the UAS sector were impressed by the quality of the reports, the inclusion of new technologies into the systems
and the way the solutions were presented.

The judging is complete! Congratulations to the University of Sherbrooke VAMUdeS team for the highest score on their Design Paper, followed closely by the École de technologie supérieure DronoLab team and Aero McGill.

Phase 2, the flying portion of the competition, will take place in Alma QC, May 3rd – 5th 2019.

Prizes for both phases will be presented at the competition awards banquet on the closing evening. Special thanks to Centre d’Excellence sur les Drone – CED Alma, Québec as our host, and all our sponsors to date. Sponsorship participation is critical to the success of this world-class competition. Sponsors are invited to contact us today at [email protected] to become involved, showcase your company and meet future employees. Join us to support and celebrate the best and brightest of the Canadian UAS sector.

Best of luck during Phase 2!

2019 UAS Competition Teams
British Columbia Institute of Technology – BCIT MERC

Carleton University – Blackbird
Concordia University – UAV Concordia
École Polytechique – ÉlikosÉcole de technologie Supérieur- ETS – Dronolab
McGill University – Aero McGill Drones
Queens University – Queens Aero Design TeamRyerson University – RUAV
Simon Fraser University – Team Guardian
University of British Columbia – UBC UAS
University of British Columbia – Okanagan – UBC AERO

University of Manitoba – Snowy Owl
Université de Sherbrooke – VAMUdeS
University of Toronto – Aerial Robotics Division
University of Toronto – UAV Division
University of Victoria – UVic Aero

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