The Drone Light Show grows it’s 2019 Airshow Tour!

Air shows have been around for over 100 years, in fact, the “Grande Semaine d’Aviation de la Champagne”, or the Rheims Aviation Meeting, was held in August 1909 and is considered to be the first international aviation meeting.

Starting out with the elements of aerial acts, to competing for prizes in events such as, who was the fastest, who could stay airborne the longest, to exhibiting the mechanics and so many more features on the ground. Airshows have grown in more than just size and number over the years, one thing remains constant – the sense of awe and wonder imparted to a crowd as planes of all shapes and sizes soar above.

As drones and it’s technology are advancing, those in aviation and the aviation enthusiasts are seeking to see and learn more about what drones can do. A great way to expand the knowledge and ways to utilize drones is by joining and participating in the industries leading events about aviation such as Air Shows and Fly-Ins. As a company, we are looking forward to another history-making year as our Drone Light Show joins the line-up of entertainment at some of the largest and well know Airshows and Fly-Ins across the United States. We also get the opportunity to exhibit at these events in order to be able to talk to all those who have questions or are interested in drone technology and what our drones can do. Learn more about our upcoming lineup, so far, for this 2019 Airshow season and we hope to see you there!

Sun n Fun is the second largest air show in the world and first in our Drone Show line up for 2019. This year’s event will be held April 2-7,2019 and we look forward to WOW the crowds on April 3rd and 6th with a 60 custom drone light show. Learn more on all of the entertaining activities Sun n Fun has to offer and stop by our Great Lakes Drone Company booth to learn more about our Drone Light Shows and other services.

AOPA’s Fly-Ins provide a special opportunity for all those who are pilots and enthusiast. The 2019 AOPA line up consists of 3 locations throughout the United States, Fredrick, MD, Livermore, CA, and Tullahoma, TN. Along with the many workshops, seminars, exhibits and much more, our Drone Light Show will be providing the entertainment for one evening at each of these locations. We are very excited to be this year’s entertainment at all three locations with a fully custom 80 drone light show.