STRABAG produces drone surveying and mobile laser scanning video

STRABAG produces drone surveying and mobile laser scanning video

STRABAG, one of the largest construction companies in Europe, was an early adopter of UAV technology and successfully implemented Microdrones integrated systems to help strengthen their work flow and processes.

STRABAG has been applying digital object detection from the ground and air with state-of-the-art technologies for years. With drone surveying and mobile mapping, they are becoming one of the market leaders in 3D surveying. In fact, the STRABAG Group has concentrated their expanded range of services in digital surveying at their new office facilities in Regensburg with a focus to help drive the digital transformation in the construction industry.

STRABAG Teams Work

To help highlight their success in the field of 3D surveying, STRABAG recently commissioned a video to showcase their work with Microdrones for surveying and 3D data processing. The video is titled “STRABAG AG – New Drone Surveying and Mobile Laser Scanning” and illustrates how STRABAG stands for the highest quality and customer satisfaction. In their own words, “STRABAG teams work.”

The video exhibits STRABAG operating Microdrones integrated systems to help gain new perspectives and efficiently manage projects. The UAV platforms from Microdrones are able to house state-of-the-art camera and laser scanning systems providing highly accurate data and increasing the efficiency of the construction process.

STRABAG also demonstrates a successful application of mobile mapping surveys across long distances, both on roads and railways. Featured predominantly throughout most of the video is a Microdrones Commercial UAV, outfitted with some of the most advanced technology, to help STRABAG deliver the best results for their customers.

The services offered by STRABAG range from detailed point clouds, realistic 3D models, diverse object classifications, precise digital terrain models, calculation of cross-sections, model-based mass determinations and 3D vectorization. 

If you or your organization is interested in learning how Microdrones can help with drone surveying and mobile laser scanning, schedule some time to talk with our friendly, helpful sales team!

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