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Sean “Squishy” Wendland Medical Donations

All of us that had met Squishy in real life or online were shocked to hear that he recently suffered a stroke. Sean has appeared on our weekly Hangout several times and always brings a strong viewpoint! I look forward to having him back on again.

A gofundme campaign to help with his medical care has been created.

Our son, Sean aka “Squishy”, suffered a massive stroke on March 5th. Luckily a neighbor saw it happen and called 911 right away. This allowed Sean to receive critical medical care as fast as possible after the stroke.

Sean is still in the ICU two weeks later, fighting a long uphill battle to rehab and recovery. In the last two weeks he has had two procedures to relieve pressure on his brain and to reduce any further damage. His breathing tube was removed Friday, March 15th and he has been breathing on his own but struggling a little bit due to lots of secretions in his lungs.

About Sean “Squishy”

Anyone that knows Squishy knows that he is not short with words! “Lovingly” known for his long winded rants on one subject or another, he is very passionate about everything he is involved with. Sean has been heavily involved in the FPV (First-Person View) flying community, local electric skateboard community, and the hiking and climbing world. Recently he was getting back into playing guitar. Never one to be idle, he always has something to tinker with.

Sean has a 6 year old daughter, Rozzi, who he frequently took climbing and camping. She loves going to his flight club events, hanging out while Dad flew his wing. She also loves to go electric skateboarding with him around old town Sac.

The Costs and How You Can Help

As Sean is currently still in ICU, we have no idea when he will be out of the hospital and into rehab. Rehab itself will be a very long road.

Sean will get some money from disability through his job with the State of California. However, we are asking for your help in covering the cost of his rental home for a few months.  All of our family lives out of town and it will give us a place to stay in Sacramento while taking care of Sean, and we will not have to worry about what to do with Sean’s household things until a later date. We will be able to focus solely on Sean’s recovery if we can get the rent taken care of. Medical bills, once they come in, will surely start adding up fast.  And of course, there will be miscellaneous bills we haven’t even thought of yet.  

We’re asking for your help during this extremely difficult and life altering time in Sean’s life. Even if you cannot donate, please share this request with someone Sean knew or anyone you think might be interested in helping.

Thank you and we will update this page when we have new information on Sean’s recovery.


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