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CUAS Training Course for Law Enforcement

The CUAS Coalition is proud to announce our Counter Drone and Surveillance Training Course for Law Enforcement. Our course is designed to assist Law Enforcement professionals in learning the basics of counter drone equipment, tactics, regulations and operations.

The course is designed to meet the needs of professional law enforcement. The offerings are built in 1-day classroom training and 1-day field operations and assessment of specific assets such as aerial security of a corporate facility, prisons, airports or critical infrastructure. The course can be purchased in separate blocks such as just the 1-day classroom environment or the 1-day field operations course or both to run concurrently.

We have added 3 new members of our CUAS Coalition, our new Director of Law Enforcement – David “DJ” Smith, our Manager of Law Enforcement CUAS Curriculum – Jay Seidel and our Manager of Law Enforcement Training and Site Evaluations – Jeremy Latchaw. We provide the curriculum, training and travel to your location for both our Day 1 classroom training and Day 2 field operations, aerial security and site audit.

Below are their bios of our newest leadership positions and we would like to warmly welcome them to the counter drone industry. Please send inquiries for training opportunities to [email protected] and we will set up a time to speak by telephone or visit our contact form  

Please visit our Director’s page to see our full list of staff located at Thank you!!

Director of Law Enforcement – David “DJ” Smith

David “DJ” Smith is a 22-year veteran of the Virginia State Police and currently works as a Technical Surveillance Agent.  He has worked in the field of Technical Surveillance work for almost 30 years and has performed these duties at the local, state, and federal level as well as the private sector.

He is a 1992 graduate of East Tennessee State University with a double major in Criminal Justice and Psychology. In 1994 DJ was hired by the Johnson City Police Department in Johnson city TN as a Public Safety Officer.  This required him to attend the 15-week state law enforcement academy in Nashville as well as the 10-week Northeast Tennessee firefighting academy where I was certified as a police officer as well as a firefighter and performed both duties in the public safety officer capacity.  

In 1997 he joined the Virginia State Police as a Trooper and in 2000 and was promoted to the rank of Surveillance Agent.  In this capacity his responsibilities included but are not limited to: Covert Video & Audio installs, Install and program mesh node network camera systems, Install various audio and video body wires, Coordinate and execute surreptitious entries (sneak & peak) involving Covert Neutralization of locks and safes, operate and track Cellular and radio devices using cellular tracking equipment, Perform technical surveillance countermeasure (TSCM) searches using various TSCM equipment for state and federal installations, installing and monitoring wiretapping and Dialed Number Recorder (DNR) devices (JSI & Pen link), installing and monitoring Global positioning surveillance devices on vehicles/ packages, Responding to Hostage/Barricade incidents and through the deployment of various day and night surveillance equipment devices gathering intelligence to assist all seven State Police Tactical Teams as well as local tactical units throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia, using Video and Audio clarification through the use of the Avid & Salient Sciences video/audio clarification systems, Fabricating install and monitoring various types of covert surveillance devices in all types of environments.

DJ has served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on various technologies for the DHS Office of Electronic Surveillance, the Law Enforcement Technology Board (SPAWARS Atlantic & Saver program).  He has served on the Mid-Atlantic UAS Partnership group at Virginia Tech as a law enforcement technical advisor. Served as member on Safe & Secure Commonwealth Sub-Panel dealing with UAS/Counter UAS implementation and legislative issues relating to operations in the Commonwealth.

DJ has also previously been the President of the Virginia State Police Association from 3/2014-4/2018 and the Treasurer 4 years prior to his position as President. DJ grew up in Newport News in the Hampton Roads area.

Areas DJ is Currently Instructing:

(These are courses he developed or co-developed with a fellow instructor that he is partnered with)

Basic Covert Neutralization of Locks and Bypass

Advanced Covert Neutralization of Locks and Lock Bypass

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Electronic Surveillance and Counter Surveillance (foot and mobile)

Basic Covert Electronics & Surveillance Principals, Fabrication, and Application

Advanced Covert Electronic Surveillance.

Tactical operations for Technical Surveillance Operators (“Squirrel In The Stack”)

UAS/Counter UAS Operations

Manager of Law Enforcement CUAS Curriculum – Jay Seidel

Jay Seidel is a professor and chair of the Drone Technology Program at Fullerton College.  

The California native spent 12 years in the US Army and National Guard and nine years in the security field. In addition to drone piloting and application courses, he has developed a course on counter UAS measures and a professional certificate in conjunction with cyber security. He is a licensed Part 107 pilot and finishing a textbook on UAS training.

Manager of Law Enforcement Training and Site Evaluations – Jeremy Latchaw

Jeremy Latchaw, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, HCS is President of Macatawa Unmanned Systems, an award-winning and top sUAS security and integration company in the United States. His firm trains integrates, and supports sUAS operations for large and small public safety departments throughout the country. A Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserves Latchaw has 19 years’ experience in short-range air defense (SHORAD) and asymmetric warfare. He’s a senior professional in human resources (SPHR), a human capital strategist (HCS), and expert trainer. He taught at the Army’s Command and General Staff College and is an adjunct professor at Western Michigan University. As a curriculum designer for U.S. Forces Command, Jeremy helped develop courses for electronic warfare, unmanned vehicles, and counter-terrorism. He’s a Part 107 pilot.

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