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LidarSwiss deliver to the Royal Thai Survey Department

The LidarSwiss Solutions GmbH crew under the lead of the CTO Robert Kletzli and CEO Dennis Menick successful delivered two LidarSwiss Micro Vux Long Range sensors to the Royal Thai Survey Department.

The LS Micros Vux LR flies under a Swissdrones SDO50 V2 and covers 8km x 3km at a speed of 15m/s at 400m AGL gathering 5-8 points m2 and 10cm RGB each flight.

LS Micro Vux is the next generation of LS Micro Vux, a product suitable for both corridor and area mapping.

Based on VUX-1LR, higher grade NovAtel IMU/GPS, and a 50mp camera, this system is lighter with longer range, it can be used to fly higher and covers more area on either a UAV and manned aircraft’s.

LS Micro Vux LR automatically collects highly accurate laser and image data via its onboard system controller.

It can produce DOMs, DEMs, DSMs and DTMs which may be further processed to produce 3D models for various industries.


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