Featured Multirotor

Introducing the Alta Pro line of Multirotor Drones

The Alta Pro line builds on the exceptional first generation of Freefly drones. We’ve added waypoint technology to allow preprogrammed movements and autopilot functionality.

The completely redesigned Alta Pro flight controller runs open PX4 flight stack for quick and powerful interfacing.

  • PX4 mission autopilot
  • Qgroundcontol mission planner with long range 900mhz telemetry radio
  • Advanced, high-bandwidth position hold
  • User-definable LED lights for maximum pilot visibility

From case to landing, we’ve honed every step of the Alta Pro experience to give the pilot an edge over the competition.

  • Case to flying in under 2 minutes
  • Integrated payload quick release on top and bottom
  • Folds flat with no tools

Freefly’s proprietary motors and motor drives give Alta Pro drones unmatched capacity. Pilots can turn on a dime while carrying industry-leading payloads.

  • Lift a 20lb payload for 12 to 15 minutes
  • Silent drive technology for low noise and precise closed loop control of propellers
  • 10-year proven Freefly reliability and robustness


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