Go big, the UVify Draco-4X4

Looks like FPV racers are finally conceding to the fact that watching small racing drones is like watching paint dry. UVify seem to have quite cleverly extended the arms on their Draco and added 12 motors! It makes for quite a sizable machine which will be easier for spectators to see.

The Draco 4×4 and DR1 are moving into the X-Class space, 800-1200mm width frames.

UVify and drone racing organization DR1 Racing have also formed a new drone racing class to be held in the upcoming 2019 and 2020 seasons of DR1’s DHL Champions Series. This past season saw the introduction of the “Pro Class” into the series, with teams racing giant-sized racing drones measuring 4 times bigger than conventional mini-quads.

This new partnership will extend DR1’s Pro Class with a new U-Series that will exclusively feature UVify’s Draco-4X4 racing drones. The U-Series will race alongside the DHL Champions Series over the next two seasons, with each team flying dedicated giant Draco-4X4 racing drones. This new partnership is in addition to last season’s partnership, where UVify sponsored a team in the 2018 season.

“We’re delighted to expand our relationship with DR1 Racing to include both a new racing platform as well as additional technology development,” said Hyon Lim, CEO of UVify. “UVify is aligned with DR1 Racing’s vision of taking drone racing to the next level, with unrivalled events that include larger drones that provide a better viewing experience for both spectators and viewers at home.”

In addition, these larger high-performance racing drones which will be featured in the UVify booth at CES booth in January 2019 where attendees can see the official DR1 Racing 2019 Season 3 Draco-4X4 and get a glimpse of the Season 4 Draco-X2.

UVify and DR1 have also formed a technology partnership where the two companies will work together on the development of various drone racing technologies.

“We are very excited to expand our relationship with UVify. Together, we will continue to innovate drone technology to create the largest racing drones in the world. The future of motorsports is in the sky, and UVify will help DR1 Racing take the drone racing industry to new heights,” said Sahand Barati, DR1’s VP of Business Development.

DR1’s Champions Series is the most watched drone racing event in the world, with racing events broadcast in over 130 countries around the globe including on Eurosport, Fox Sports, and beIN Sports.