Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera

Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera

Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera is used to provide high-resolution aerial photos to create a 3D model on the city and buildings etc. It is a cost-effective Oblique multi-camera system, also efficient equipment to maximize your productivity. The Oblique Camera integrates with 5 Sony 5100 Camera cores, it is very light, and the total weight including lens is only about 791g(nadir lens at 25mm, and oblique lens at 35mm). And the lens is interchangeable.

The surrounding cameras is equipped with 35mm lens to take subjects far away, and the center camera is equipped with 25mm lens to take less distance. With the lightweight the oblique camera can be easily integrated into UAVS and aircraft to do mapping and survey. The Oblique Camera connected with PPK system can get a very precise 3D model. And the accurate photogrammetric model can be generated by software like Pix4D, Smart3D or Photomesh.

Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique multi-camera system supports High level and Low level Shutter Trigger, also support Hot Shoe signal. Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera is a good choice for companies wishing to offer high-quality photogrammetry and map-making to clients.


Sensor: APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor(23.5×15.6mm)
Number of Pixels: 24MP
Total Pixels: 120MP
Image Size: 6000×4000
Lens compatibility: E-mount lens
Hot Shoe Signal: Supported
Shutter Trigger: High level/Low level
Lens: Interchangeable
Data Reading: SD card/USB2.0
Storage: SD Card
Parameter Setting: Button/USB
Power: 9-28V
Size: 14.5×14.5x7cm(no lens)
Weight:791g(5 lens); 635g(4 lens)

Your Purchase Includes:

1x Foxtech 3DM-MINI Oblique Camera(with lens)