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Concept of Operations for safe European drone traffic: registration for workshop now open

Drone technology is on the rise. To fully support the rapidly growing drone industry, a harmonized approach for the integration of drones across Europe is vital.

CORUS gathers experts from aviation (manned and drone), research and academia to develop and write a concept of operations for U-Space, the European system for management of drones. Starting from the U-Space blueprint and from the ATM Master Plan update, CORUS will produce detailed definitions of the services necessary for VLL drone operations. The services will be defined in a way that shows how they can and should be used together to enable safe drone operations while balancing the needs of the drone sector with those of society as a whole.

CORUS is currently organising the third workshop, where the ConOps draft will be discussed and further refined based on the audience’s input. More information here, interested parties can register via this form.

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