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The Drone Symposium Pancake Breakfast Agenda

Here is your chance to sit down and break pancakes with some of the people you have read stories about in the sUAS News over the last year. You never know: you may be sitting next to a few existentialists eating pigs in a blanket. But there won’t be any drone nihilists at this breakfast since the FAA hasn’t RSVP’d.

December 7th, 2018.

Pancakes at 0930

Presentations 11:30 am


Nadine Anderson and Jeff Parisse from RAS Security Solutions will be telling us about next-gen drone detection and take-down tech.  No fiesta here for nefarious and or ideological end-users in this presentation!


Innovative Infrastructure Inspection –

Werner von Stein from SF Drone School Research Center is going to tell us about his groundbreaking work under the streets of San Francisco. If that wasn’t enough, he’ll be bringing the drone “Boulevard of Broken Drone Dreams” display, including hardware from Airware, GoPro, and 3DR. These rare relics will eventually be part of the Hiller Aviation Museum history of Drones collection.  

Urban Air Mobility –

Seshu GS from xAIR is fresh back from industry day, and is going to tell us about NASA’s Grand Challenge from the RFI responder’s perspective.


2018 FAA Reauthorization –

I’ll be rounding out the conversation with views on the reauthorization, publishing, entertainment, and political advocacy. Is the shake up over at the FAA UASIO a good thing? We all know how much the folks over at ATO just love the drones!

After the presentations portion of the program we’ll have a round table discussion to talk about the concerns of those trying to earn a living in the industry (feed the monkey) as well as help define some of the editorial focus and advocacy for 2019.

It’s a distinct possibility that you’ll be kicking yourself till the second Tuesday of forever from now if you miss this one.

Register here –


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