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Multirotor Drone Pilot training By IID to all FTOs in India Organised by DGCA

Indian Institute of Drones has trained Multirotor drone pilots to all FTOs in India organized by DGCA. Training was conducted for 5 days, which covers all the topics as mentioned in DGCA regulations book. This training includes theory classes, How to make a drone? And How to fly a drone? During training, our trainers followed the norms as per DGCA mentioned in released regulations in India on 27 August 2018. This training was started on 26 November 2018 to 20 November 2018. At the end of the training, we make sure all the FTOs are trained well on flying drones. This event was organized by DGCA, India.

About Organization: Indian Institute of drones (IID) a registered nonprofit organization under the educational trust act India with Uttar Pradesh Government. The institute has already trained more than 750+ drone pilots and more than 100+ individuals been training as of date. With more than 4 qualified military UAV pilots retired from Indian Air Force and having 7 centres across India and 6 centres across the globe, the Institute adheres to extreme flight safety and stringent training policies.

About DGCA: Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the regulatory body governing the safety aspects of civil aviation and regulatory frameworks for drones in India.

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