‘Unmanned’: the Book Stirring up the UK Drone Space Available as Free Kindle Download

‘Unmanned’: the Book Stirring up the UK Drone Space  Available as Free Kindle Download

As the drone show season kicks off in the UK, here is a gift for die hard drone fans, amateurs and professionals. Aerial filming with drones comes alive in the recently released ‘Unmanned – A Drone Story’ by Matt Harmsworth. As a special offer, ‘Unmanned’ can be downloaded for free from Kindle between November 6-9,2018.

‘Unmanned’ is a no-holds-barred look at one man’s experience behind the lens in the growing aerial filming space. For the first time ever, a commercial drone pilot has left the skies, picked up a pen and wrote what it is like to film the earthy terrain. Matt, who is currently the Director of ROAVR UAS based in the Scottish Highlands, takes you with him from those early days plane spotting with friends and messing around with RC models, to the disappointment of the realisation that he could not fly helicopters.

Matt goes on to take readers through his first flying lesson years later and then handling a fast jet at low level in the Scottish Mountains. We will also see him standing on top of Skye with Michael Bay to sheltering from the rain at Stonehenge with Anthony Hopkins.

‘Unmanned’ has been released to coincide with the drone show season, a period where there is often an influx of new entrants to the drone space. This is not, however, a how-to-be-a-drone pilot or how-to-run-a-drone-business book. Yet, if approached that way, there are some gems that will help the reader short-cut some of the mistakes that Matt made on this journey.

Matt Harmsworth has been involved in the industry since the very start, and the book finds some interesting revelations in this collection of memories.

 ROAVR UAS is a UK-based drone service company specialising in film, survey and inspection through two dedicated arms.

‘Unmanned’ is available in print and digital download through Amazon and as a FREE digital download until Friday, November 9. The book also offers a bonus guide to filming with drones for free.