The Pop-up Drone Symposium For the Rest of US

Post-FAA 2018 Reauthorization Drone Symposium and Pancake Breakfast. The venue is in the new US epicentre of Drones—Los Angeles, California, December 7th, 2018.  We will meet for breakfast at the world famous Dinah’s Family Restaurant for pancakes, or pigs in a blanket if you’re not into the whole breakfast brevity thing.  

After breakfast, the agenda will consist of several timely presentations and a roundtable discussion focused on the 2018 FAA reauthorization, business, jobs, STEM, and the continuing airspace integration effort. The reauthorization has some stakeholders concerned, as it appears to favor the colossal tech and toy companies while leaving little in the way of viability for manufacturing, small business, or the RC Hobbyist.

Amazon and Google are going for Part 135 certification for their drones, and I don’t think you have to be a UTM TCL 4 expert to imagine burrito delivery drones bristling with sensors. This community will be facing new leadership (hopefully) at the FAA, and we have much work to do in 2019 if we don’t want to be the bag-holder paying for overestimated pseudo-services.

The event is purposely small; the roundtable will be an exchange of ideas for 2019 editorial content and talking points without having to pay a lobbyist $50K. Don’t be left out of defining the message and the go-forward advocacy narrative! As a bonus, you get to share a little holiday cheer with one of the nicest people you know!

Space is limited, so sign up now!

A big thank you to Microdrones and Antonelli Law (maple syrup) for their generous support.

We still could use some sponsorship to help make the magic happen, so be sure and let us know if you’re interested.