The Espect-A New Portable Commercial Drone

The Espect-A New Portable Commercial Drone

The Espect is a mini-sized quadcopter which adopts EWATT’s proven eWise flight control and propulsion system. Combined with our industrial-grade visible light & thermal imaging cameras and GCS (Ground Control System), the Espect excels in industrial and commercial purposes: power line & Telecommunication station inspection, police reconnaissance and law enforcement, fire reconnaissance, search & rescue.

Tech Specs:

29-minute flight time (with standard payload)

2 KM operation range

Multiple payload options up to 800g

IP43 water protection level


1. Reliable and safe flight

The Espect has been developed for a variety of commercial applications which is accomplished by integrating highly engineered flight control, navigation, remote control, telemetry systems, and visible light/thermal imaging. Also incorporated into the reliable flight system is the integrated flight propulsion system and battery management system. The Espect is also equipped with an advanced flight shielding that is specially optimized to resist electromagnetic interference which makes flight near powerlines not only possible, but safe to do so. The integration of these systems into a modular design, combines to make a safe and reliable flight system.

2. Obstacle Avoidance System

Frontal obstacle avoidance sensors make the Espect detect objects within 10 meters and brake automatically. When flying below 10 meters, Terrain Follow mode keeps the Espect at the height you define as the ground, so when the terrain shifts, the Espect will adjust its height accordingly.

3. Better Environment Adaptability

The Espect can withstand winters and summers from as cold as -20 to as hot as +65 Celsius and can hold position in winds as strong as 28km/hour. The Espect has a water protection level of IP43 (Ground Station water protection level is IP54).

4. Longer flight time

Flight time is approximately 29 minutes when carrying a standard payload.

5. Multiple Payload Options

Thanks to its Golden Finger fast pluggable design, the Espect has an interchangeable camera system with several options: 4K, 10X optical zoom and thermal imaging to undertake a multitude of tasks. This modular design greatly increases the efficiency and time-saving conveniences for operators and workloads. Optional camera payloads are, 4k visible light cameras, 10X optical zoom and thermal imaging cameras designed to take on a variety of tasks for your particular needs.

6. Multiple Functional and user-friendly interface design GCS Software

The GCS software has multiple functions: one button take-off/landing, RTH (return to home), flight planning (more than 700 editable waypoints) and downloadable flight logs for accurate information. The GCS software ergonomics provide easier interaction between operator and controllers, the parameters are designed as instrumental style to give users a direct comprehension of the actual flight.

7. Portable

The Espect comes equipped with folding arms and landing gears which allow for easy portability. Small (when folded: 24x13x5 inches) and with a net weight of just 7 lbs (including the battery) the Espect is easy to setup and fly anywhere.

8. Intelligent Battery System

Integrated into our software is our intelligent battery management system which prevents over charging/discharging and information for general battery management.